Services at Islay Airport (ILY)

Parking and car hire

Glenegedale Airport (ILY) provides passengers and visitors with a good number of parking spaces which are available for use free of charge. The car park is located next to the terminal building and passengers are permitted to leave their cars here while they fly to Glasgow or beyond. However, drivers should be advised that this car park is locked up when the airport closes and vehicles are left here at their own risk.

Glenegedale, Islay, Port Ellen, Argyll and Bute
Highlands and Islands Airports Limited
Time Zone
055°40'55"N 006°15'24"W

There are also special parking bays provided for pick up/drop off for the convenience of visitors.

Short and long-term parking: both short and long-term parking are provided at the airport free of charge but drivers are advised that vehicles are parked here at their own risk. The car park is within walking distance of the terminal.

Drop off and valet parking: there are designated parking areas provided for pick up/drop off for visitors' convenience. There are no valet parking services at the airport.

Parking for special needs: passengers with special needs who want to park their vehicles at Glenegedale Airport will find specially designated spaces located close to the terminal building. Specially trained staff members are available to provide assistance and there are extra facilities available such as wheelchairs, ramp facilities and an Ambulift/stair climber.

Car rental:

those who want to explore the natural beauty of the island of Islay fully will need their own transport as public transport is limited to a few buses a day. Fortunately, there is plenty of car hire available right at Glenegedale Airport and passengers have a good selection to choose from.

Car hire is provided by local company D & N MacKenzie. While the company has a booth at the airport, passengers would be better off booking in advance either by phoning: +44 1496 302300 or visiting the company online at Once the booking has been made, passengers will find their choice of vehicle ready and waiting for them at the airport.

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